Fire Safety Consultancy is a preferred fire design consultant by a number of Building Consent Authorities, as we have developed a reputation of being thorough and practical with our approach to achieving compliance.

Fire Safety Consultancy provides professional consultancy services, dealing specifically with fire engineering design to architects, designers, structural engineers, developers, builders, small and large business and building consent authorities.

We provide a wide range of fire engineering services for new and existing buildings to satisfy:

  • Building Act section 17 compliance for new buildings
  • Building Act section 106 amendment to Compliance Schedule (e. g. occupant load amendment)
  • Building Act section 112 requirements for alterations to existing buildings
  • Building Act section 115 requirements for change of use
  • Building Act section 116A requirements for subdivision
  • Building Act section 118 requirements for accessibility

In addition, we offer construction monitoring, and fire defects identification in existing buildings.